Litte Igor was sitting on the floor, looking around the room with interest and thinking what meschief he might be up to. Paint the green walls pink? Better not. Mom may not like it. Then maybe splash the windows violet. But then the beautiful trees out there would not be visible. Suddenly he fixed his gaze on the crayons lying on the table. He went up to them, took them in his hand and – driven by some mysterious impulse – started to draw on a randomly found sheet of paper. One line, another line, a circle, a wave. Here blue, there red. A little hand, a little leg, a little finger.
Then the Big Man came in.
— What are you doing here, Little Igor?
— Im drawing a Monstreature.

The Big Man brightened up. His smile was stretching from one of his big ears to the other one. Immediately he got filled with joy and good mood.
— What an outstanding piece of art! This Monstreature must have some magic power! He improves mood and evokes friendliness!

The Monstreature should be introduced to all of the world!

Little Igor was too little to take the matter into his own hands. That is why the Big Man got down to work. He was writing letters to offices, sticking stamps, talking to graphic designers, printing, discussing. Of course everything at the consent of little Igorek. After some time the colourful Monstreature became black and white and got the name Goodmaker®. He preserved his charming appearance which cheers up everyone who looks at him.

Would you like every person you meet to smile?

Would you like Goodmaker to be your friend and an inseparable companion of your colleagues?

The following pages will provide you with more information; you can also order a useful bag on which Goodmaker waves cheerfully to everyone.